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Proven results!

Skinade is a professional product that works from the inside out. Its formulation is packed with the highest-quality low-molecular weight collagen from marine sources and essential ‘beauty-ceuticals’.  Every aspect of the product has been designed to support normal skin function. Manufactured in the UK, Skinade spent over two years working with a leading double PhD Nutritional Pharmacologist developing and perfecting a patent-pending formulation of active ingredients that work synergistically to produce a highly effective and result-driven product aimed specifically at the skin. Dr Paul Banwell confirms ‘The optimal skin drink contains a number of co-factors and nutrients that will improve skin elasticity and the density of the collagen structure. I was skeptical at first. However, we trialed Skinade with our patients and have had some astounding results, in terms of improved skin appearance and patient satisfaction.’

As a drink, Skinade has a 90-95% absorption rate ensuring that the body makes the most of the active ingredients. If you were to try to take Skinade’s ingredients in tablet form, you’d need to swallow around 20 large tablets daily. Not only is this difficult, but the body also finds them tough to digest. The valuable nutrients would pass through your system unused instead of being absorbed.

Recently, Santi Skin Lab in London conducted an independent 90-day Skinade trial. Changes in collagen structure were measured using Cortex Technology, state-of-the-art technology employed in pioneering dermatological research. Key parameters were recorded:

  • skin thickness
  • collagen density
  • sebum levels
  • skin elasticity
  • skin hydration
  • trans-epidermal water loss

Registering month on month improvements in measured parameters, the research showed a strong correlation, key to the results seen.

The trial group saw following average results versus the control group:

  • 25.5 per cent increase in collagen density
  • 34 per cent increase in skin hydration
  • 28 per cent improvement in skin elasticity

Changes in collagen structure are immediately noticeable in the ultrasound images below in the form of densely packed yellow areas (pictured).

Two stand-out cases:

(42-year-old subject) – registered up to a 58% increase in collagen density

Day 0    
Day 30
Day 90


(58-year-old female subject) – registered up to a 73% increase in collagen density

Day 0       

Day 90

It is this calibre of data that has earned Skinade the approval and respect of leading dermatologists and clinicians, as well as strong customer feedback (through trust pilot).

Skinade is sold in over 1000 professional clinics across the UK and is also available in the US since September 2016.

$200 for a 40-day supply