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Skin products at Walker Plastic Surgery are formulated with the latest innovations in cosmetic technology, and are combined to balance, nourish , and renew the skin. The formulas we use create positive changes in the skin through the use of materials that improve the skin’s barrier function, maintain healthy skin pH, reduce inflammatory conditions, and bring balance to the oil and water content of the skin

Bio-active ingredients in our skin line produce beneficial changes in the appearance of the skin’s surface to create true change. The bio-active ingredients are formulated from a multifunctional complex of actives that include, Zincite – a semi-precious stone extract,Hexapeptide-10, (Kombucha)Black Tea, and the mineral Hematite – rich in iron.

These ingredients boosts the skin’s metabolism by increase cellular oxygenation and optimize collagen production.

The result after thirty days is illuminated, oxygenated, and glowing healthy skin.