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Breast augmentation using your own body fat offers women full, shapely, breasts without implants.
Fat transfer breast augmentation combines implant free breast augmentation and body contouring liposuction in a single procedure.

Structural Fat Grafting from one part of your body to your breasts involves a special type of liposculpture. The fat is harvested from abdomen, flanks, hips, back, and or thighs, washed and then transferred with special cannulas to the breast.

The procedure may be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on the volume of fat to be transferred and patient preference.

Fat transfer may be used for implant free primary breast augmentation and correction of breast asymmetry. The breasts look and feel more natural. Patients may require more than one fat grafting session to achieve optimal results, especially women who desire large and very full breasts.Correcting breast asymmetry with implants alone is difficult. Fat transfer with or without the use of implants, provides an excellent result in women with breast asymmetry.

Structural Fat Grafting of the breast is the ideal implant replacement. Implant removal patients can maintain or even increase their augmented breast size with fat. However, this is somewhat dependent on the amount of body fat available and size of breasts desired. Large volume fat transfer to the breasts in heavier patients combines natural breast augmentation and significant body contouring for an outstanding body makeover.


Q: How long will it take to obtain a size C cup breast?

A: It depends on two factors, the current size of your breasts and the amount of body fat available to transfer to your breasts.

Q: Which is performed more frequently, fat transfer breast augmentation or fat transfer buttocks augmentation?

A: Fat transfer breast augmentation.