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WPS Signature Facial 60 Minutes

Recommended for maintenance of normal skin, our signature facial is customized to your skin needs.  The skin is cleansed, warm steam is applied, and a unique facial scrub is used to exfoliate your skin. Compacted pores are extracted reducing blemishes and clearing clogged pores. A light massage is performed and a mask applied prior to the final application of signature creams, gels, serum, and sunblock.

Deep European Facial 90 Minutes

Our  European Facial is an excellent option for improving and maintaining your skin’s appearance. A series of steps follow a thorough cleansing of your skin. A close examination to determine your skin type is followed by skin exfoliation and extractions. A mask is applied to moisturize the skin and reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles.  A facial massage follows to boost circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage.  A toner and moisturizer, carefully selected to match your skin type completes the process.

Mini-Facial 30 Minutes

A mini-facial is a shorter version of our  WPS signature facial and a great option if you are pressed for time or need a quick “pick me up”.  The treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing the skin.  Unlike the European facial, the mini-facial does not provide extractions.

Medical Facial

Using medical grade products, your skin is enhanced with a deep exfoliation to improve sun damage, uneven pigmentation, fine wrinkles and rosacea.

Vitamin C Facial

A WPS facial with a Vitamin C concentrate application delivering immediate benefits, such as firmness, improved skin tone and a dewy, healthier skin appearance.

Acne Facial

Designed to reduce acne blemishes and improve skin clarity, this facial is customized to treat acne breakouts, while soothing skin redness and inflammation.

Men’s Sport Facial

Specially designed  for men’s skin care needs, our men’s facial restores and hydrates sun damaged skin, shaving bumps and irritations.