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With breast lifts being one of the most popular surgeries in America, it’s no wonder doctors are attempting to make the procedure faster and less invasive.

“It is a knifeless instantaneous breast lift,” says Dr. Neetu Nirdosh, creator of the procedure. According to Yahoo News, “the “breastox” treatment, Nirdosh says, takes less than 30 minutes, lasts for up to six months, and promises to make breasts look perkier and up to one cup size larger. The technique purportedly works by using BOTOX® Cosmetic to relax the pectoral muscles, which leaves the shoulder muscles to do the heavy lifting—hence the “breast lift.”

However, Dr. Jennifer Walden, an Austin-based surgeon, expressed skepticism: “BOTOX® Cosmetic cannot do what a surgical breast lift can do. People who are candidates for a surgical breast have excess saggy skin and drooping. BOTOX® Cosmetic can’t address any of those things.”

For a more permanent solution, opt for a surgical procedure to ensure lasting results.

Botox® Cosmetic Photo with Woman's Face