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Posted March 01, 2019 in Skinade

You might be wondering to yourself; what is Skinade? Well, I’m here to tell you all about it. Skinade is a drink that not only gives you energy through a high dose of vitamins boosting your skin’s production of collagen, and elastin creating smoother, younger, and more hydrated skin. Skinade also gives you a boost of energy through its vitamins. Not only is it good for your skin, but its great for all of our patients who work in offices and feel groggy from sitting at their desks all day. Their slogan “better skin from within” reigns true. Our office manager Julia, as well as me, your favorite marketing manager praise Skinade. Not only do we feel the difference, but our skin shows the difference. We’ve even gone as far as to call it “the office cocktail”. Don’t believe it? Think because we’re employees we’re biased? Ask our patients who’ve bought the product, a quote from Nicole DiCocco, “After hearing Dr. Walker’s employees praise for the product, and seeing how great their skin looked, I had to try it. After a few weeks, I began to get compliments from friends and colleagues on how fresh my skin looked.” This. Product. Works. We don’t have to sell it to you, it sells itself. For $150 a month, you can put off those botox treatments and try it for yourself. See the difference, feel the difference. Skinade is here to save the day.

Oh, I forgot to mention, if you decide to continue with your fillers, botox, or any procedure you’ve had or are thinking of having, Skinade works as an anti-inflammatory and will help to maximize your results while minimizing your downtime. Its a win-win for patients all across the board! Join the movement, drink Skinade, I promise you won’t be disappointed.




P.S. It minimizes acne

P.P.S. It tastes like fruit juice you would drink while sitting waterfront on an island