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Posted May 12, 2017 in Plastic Surgery

It’s always good to have multiple opinions on plastic surgery and the procedures involved, so here at Walker Plastic Surgery, we decided to ask our very own plastic surgeon, Dr. Walker, some questions about her opinion of the plastic surgery arena.

What is your favorite aspect of plastic surgery?

“My favorite aspect of plastic surgery is the perfection,” Dr. Walker said, going on to explain how every small detail in plastic surgery is incredibly important. Dr. Walker was always interested in science, but also had an artistic side. “I was taught to sew by my Norwegian grandmother,” she said. “I like the artistic quality of fashion, clothes, and sewing.” For her, plastic surgery was a compromise as it’s the most artistic field within medicine. “I wouldn’t call myself a true artist, but I would say I have an artistic sense.”  

What is your favorite procedure to perform?

“I find facial procedures most anatomically interesting and surgically challenging,” she told me. The face is the first thing you notice about a person and requires the most care, surgically speaking. “Face lifting procedures are some of my favorites because they’re multi-complex, require great technical skill, and require attention to minute detail. I also like to perform rhinoplasty for the same reason.”

If you could, would you perform this procedure on yourself? If not, what is one procedure you wish you could perform on yourself (logistics excluded)?

“Yes, absolutely! Definitely I would perform it on myself,” she said. “I look in the mirror every day wanting to perform this procedure.” She disclosed about nasal procedures though that “I wouldn’t perform a rhinoplasty on myself because I don’t need it.”

What is your most highly recommended procedure?

“I recommend a blepharoplasty,” which is an eyelid lift. As we get older, our skin loses collagen and elasticity so we start to look more worn. Dr. Walker explained that “it takes the tired look out of the face,” and as a result can give a more youthful appearance that most patients desire.

Do you prefer small treatments or large operations?

“I prefer to do larger operations because I like to focus on a number of different things. I like to do face and eyes in concert. I think it looks better,” she said as far as her older patients go. For “younger patients, I like to do a series of operations over a period of time so no one realizes they’ve had plastic surgery.”

How have your preferences changed since you started your practice 20 years ago?

“I always liked to do facelifts and facial procedures, but the way I do them is different now,” she told me. As with most areas of medicine, procedures change with new research and development. “I have a more minimalistic approach,” said Dr. Walker. “Structural fat grafting has definitely changed the way I approach facial procedures.”