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Its All In The Neck; Facial Rejuvenation

Posted March 20, 2019

“Today’s 40-somethings want to look ‘better, but still the same,’ and having a facelift at a younger age allows that magical paradox to occur.” Lara Devgan, MD My friends and I are always joking about how tanning is going to make our faces wrinkly and we have this comradery between us where we say “I’m not […]

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Marisa’s Story

Posted June 27, 2017

Deciding on Surgery Plastic surgery is never a simple choice. It’s a permanent, life-altering decision. Even the guarantee of great results does not assuage the nervousness that precedes a surgical procedure.  This is a perfectly normal reaction. Hearing about experience from a doctor’s perspective can be helpful, but hearing the patient’s story can give better […]

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After the Birth of Your Baby

Posted June 15, 2017

Congratulations on the birth of your new child! After nine months of carrying a precious, little infant, your body will experience changes that are normal. These changes may leave you feeling less than happy about your figure. You’ve heard the saying the “it takes nine months for your body to adapt to the size of […]

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From a Plastic Surgeon’s Point of View

Posted May 12, 2017

It’s always good to have multiple opinions on plastic surgery and the procedures involved, so here at Walker Plastic Surgery, we decided to ask our very own plastic surgeon, Dr. Walker, some questions about her opinion of the plastic surgery arena. What is your favorite aspect of plastic surgery? “My favorite aspect of plastic surgery […]

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Getting Ready for Spring

Posted May 04, 2017

Spring has sprung! Well, not quite yet, but the weather is getting warmer, flowers are coming out, and there is no more snow in sight (for now)! There is a wonderful sense of hope that accompanies spring. You start to feel young again. Spring is a season of change and rebirth where everyone starts to […]

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5 Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Posted April 27, 2017

The benefits of plastic surgery are plentiful and often more than skin deep. Though the media portrays plastic surgery as “fake” and “superficial,” there’s a side to it that people don’t get to see often enough. Many of the benefits of plastic surgery are far less obvious than one would imagine. A lot of care […]

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