Don't let scarring hold you back.

While the most common symptom is low self-esteem, if you suffer from a scar you may also have limited mobility, itching, or pain.  Not every scar however requires or allows for surgical treatment.

Dr. Walker is pleased to offer a full range of scar cream products from Biodermis.  Biodermis has an extensive history in the science behind scar treatment.  Biodermis silicone gel solutions for scar management are clinically proven effective in the healing of keloidal and hypertrophic scar tissue.

Convenient products from Biodermis

Pro-Silâ„¢ ,from Biodermis, is a 100% silicone ointment in an ultra convenient, easy to apply, glide-on applicator designed for convenient, regular application over small scars.  Perfect for discreet application on scar treatment sites where silicone gel sheeting would be inconvenient, impractical, or unsightly.